Rafael TREVISAN : Nouveau postdoctorant au LERBO Concarneau (février-juillet 2022)

I am a researcher and scientist who is interested in assessing ecological and environmental health in a changing world. I was born and raised in Brazil, received my Ph.D. in Biochemistry in 2014 from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil), and acquired international research experience at the Universities of Plymouth (UK), University College Cork (Ireland), and Duke University (US). My research is organized around three major themes: how animals respond to environmental chemicals and stresses, how our changing world affects our ecosystems, and how science can aid in the conservation of our marine resources. Previously, I studied the antioxidant and biotransformation pathways in marine bivalves, as well as the molecular targets of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, metals, nanoparticles, and sanitary sewage in mussels and oysters, and the effects of plastic pollution on animal growth and energy metabolism. In IFREMER, I am looking forward to expanding my study on the effects of global change on marine species by characterizing the toxicity and mechanism of action of ichthyotoxic coastal French microalgae on oysters at the Laboratoire Environnement et Ressources Bretagne Occidentale, in collaboration with LEMAR (BIOTOX postdoctoral project, funded by Région Bretagne and Conseil Départemental du Finistère).